University Hills Optimist (UHO) Little Miss Kickball league (or simply, "UHO LMK" or "UHO Kickball") is a sports organization for young ladies, 4-18. Through kickball, UHO provides a game that's easy to learn, highly-competitive, and useful for developing young girls physically, mentally, and socially.

Image of Little Miss Kickball State All-Star trophy. 2011 UHO Teenagers are undefeated LMK State champions.

Season 2014: 2014 UHO Little Miss Kickball Registration


The following describes the requirements, costs, deadlines, and means of registration that parents, guardians, and other interested individuals can use to register their girls successfully and completely for the 2014 UHO Kickball season.

Forms of registration.

Registration for the 2014 UHO Kickball season begins on January 11th, 2014.

There are five divisions of competition, grouped by age. They are as follows:

  • Pee-Wees: 4 to 5 years of age
  • Rookies: 6 to 8 years of age
  • Juniors: 9 to 11 years of age
  • Seniors: 12 to 14 years of age
  • Teenagers: 15 to 18 years of age

You have two options for registration: online and in-person.

Option 1: Register Online.

You may register online at any time by going to the following link:

Online registration is unavailable at this time.

Option 2: Register In-Person.

UHO Kickball conducts in-person registration at the UHO Clubhouse. The address for UHO is 401 West St. Johns Avenue, Austin, TX 78752. In-person registration takes place on Saturdays, starting January 11th, running through February 8th, 2014. Each Saturday, registration occurs from 9 AM to 12 PM (or a little longer, depending on demand at the time).

To save time when registering in-person, download the 2014 UHO Kickball player's application, print it out, fill it out completely, and bring the form with you at the time of registration. Fill out both sides of the form. As a parent or guardian, your signature is required on the backside of the document.

Map of University Hills Optimist, highlighting UHO Clubhouse.

Register early to get the discount.

Register in time to get the Early Bird discount. By taking advantage of the discount, you can save $10 off of the regular registration price for your girl. The discount is good through February 8th, 2014. The discount also applies when you register online.This discount DOES NOT APPLY to the Pee-Wee division.

Prices Changes for the 2014 Season

The regular registration price is $55 for Pee-Wees. The regular registration prices for the other divisions are $95 for Rookies, and $110 for Juniors, Seniors, and Teenagers. With the discount applied, the costs will be $85 for Rookies, and $100 for Juniors, Seniors, and Teenagers.

Volunteer Rebate / Refund Available

For participation in designated, in-season volunteer opportunities, UHO Kickball is offering a $20 rebate/refund per registered player. Ask members of the UHO Kickball board for more details.

Make sure your registration information is complete.

Whether you register online or in-person, UHO will need to see a birth certificate for your child. You are not required to leave the birth certificate with UHO. A UHO Kickball official will read and review the birth certificate for validity, and will verify the age of your girl for purposes of correct division placement.

If you complete your girl's registration online, you will need to complete the consent portion of the 2014 UHO Kickball player’s application. This information is on the second side of the player’s application. You can download a copy of the player application here. Print out the form, initial and sign the required areas on the second side of the form, and bring the form to UHO during one of the in-person registration sessions.

Make the right payment in-person or go online.

When registering in-person, we accept the following forms of payment: cash or money order. We do not accept credit cards OR personal checks at in-person registration. However, if you want to use a credit card, you can utilize our online registration service.

Get registered now!

Now that you know the requirements, costs, deadlines, and means of registration to register your children successfully and completely for the 2014 UHO Kickball season, get registered now! If you have any questions about the registration process or if you want further information about UHO Kickball, you can contact us by the following means:

Online registration is unavailable at this time. Download button for 2014 player application for UHO Kickball.
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